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hi again. sorry more questions but new to all this and never thought i could get so excited over some hens, but as i am due my first hens next week i was wandering if anyone has any tips on how to make the girls feel at home once they arrive, also when they are let out to free range do they stick to their own garden or do they find the smallest gaps in the hedges to escape next door. do people lose them ?

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Hello....yes they will find gaps and wander off.


You need to confine them to the run for 5 days or so to imprint the idea of home on them.


You can use Omlet netting to create "free ranging" areas for them, and move it about as the grass gets worn.


If you want them to have access to all parts of the garden, then it would be a good idea to check all boundary fences, gates etc to ensure that they are escape proof!

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Don't worry, we all remember how exciting it was waiting for our hens! :lol: You are doing the right thing by being on here, reading as much as you can so you will be better prepared!


They are naturally inquisistive and keen to explore, but best to leave them in the confines of their run for the first 5 days. Make sure they have food and water, but you could start introducing some treats in a specific bowl or container. They will soon start to associate the bowl with food, so that when you do let them out, rattling their bowl will have them running back to you double quick! 8)

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