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How do you sex a chicken)

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A month ago some kind person left 2 chickens in my paddock.


Neither the RSPCA or the Police were interested so I took them in and housed them with my 4 rescued battery hens.


I believe they are Rhode Island Reds. Their combs and wattles have developed but no spurs.


Is there any way of sexing these birds without waiting for them to mature?


It is strange that the smaller hens chase both of them off when they get too close.

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If they are cockerels the feathers on their hackles will have pointy tips rather than round.


They will also have sturdier longer legs, more lavish wattles and combs and a more blokish stance.


Their tail feathers will also be more stylish and several will be quite long and will arch over.


They will also start to crow! :lol:


Post some pics as Cinnamon suggests.

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What a cheek :evil: - unfortunately it happens quite a lot. I've read several stories like this on Practical Poultry. Also, after one of the big poultry sales in Carlisle there were cockerels dumped all along the A68 to Newcastle - people had bought trios just to get the 2 hens then dumped the boys :(

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