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Lovely blue eggs..

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Just been to Asda doing the weekly shop (yawn) and I happened to notice some blue boxes in the egg section. Obviously I don't normally venture near the egg department as I don't need to buy them anymore but there on sale were some free range blue Legbar eggs :D:D:D:D


How lovely. I'm definitely considering getting a blue egg layer when I increase my flock 8)


Chili xx

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I hankered after one for ages & ages until I got Clover my Cream Legbar this winter.

She is adorable,very pretty & the eggs are gorgeous.

She is a good layer too,in fact she is having a squeeze at the moment,so that will be another lovely blue egg for my basket 8)


I am thinking about getting a couple more Clovers in the spring maybe :wink:


Here she is........................



And her is an egg,although its a bit small as it was an early effort!


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