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our neighbours got chickens a few years ago and they make noise for hours on end. It drives us mad. We can’t go in our garden or open our windows without having to listen to them. 

we approached our neighbours several times I’ve this period to explain the impact it has on us and ask if they can do anything. But they basically dismiss us and say the they quite like the noise. 

has anyone got any advice? I don’t think they are loud enough that the council would do anything. But it’s all the time. And our neighbours definitely don’t care. 

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This issue has ben raised before @Roundthebend, so you are not alone in being upset by the noise. What happened during 'lockdown' last year with avian flu? Were they all in covered runs, because being in too small a space can create stress and noise? Chicken noise, dogs barking, kids screaming, loud music should not be part of suburban life and the Council should take action. Problem is that once you have developed an irritation to a particular noise, even when it is reduced it will still be noticeable and irritating. No matter where you are there is the potential for some irritating noise, even here in rural France. So I haven't any advice apart from asking the Council if they will consider taking action and if they won't you finding some way of accepting it.

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