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Walk-in runs and Avian Flu suggestion for omlet

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I’ve always thought it a bonus during avian flu that my enclosed hens can still roam in the fresh air and feel the warm sunshine in their large Omlet walk in run. 

As the top half of the run has larger holes we decided to cover the entire run in fine netting to prevent small birds getting in and eating the food/spreading disease so the hens can still be outside. (The top of the run was covered in protective plastic to avoid droppings falling through. 

it quickly came to my attention that small birds can still get in the smaller lower holes! And birds were finding ways through tiny gaps in the netting over time. 

My idea is that it would be great for Omlet to address this now every year problem but creating a run with much smaller holes (like chicken wire like in the old days) or some kind of protective netting specifically for the walk in runs. It would be so helpful during the 6 months ifflock down we have regularly.  I suppose runs would get more expensive with added product required but  enjoying my gems would be easier. 

Thsnjs Drin

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