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limestone flour advice pls

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when i let them out this morning, they were all tucking into a paper thin shelled egg that had been laid by the door of the coop. Not sure who laid it as they're all looking fine and no dirty bottoms etc.


They already get oyster shell added to their layers mash and I have read that thin shelled eggs are quite common, as far as I know, this is our first one.


I want to know, at this stage, should I be thinking about adding limestone flour to their food, just to be on the safe side or should we onlyt get some if the problem persists?


Also, how long should we add it to the food for?

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Egluntine is the resident limestone flour expert!


I wouldn't worry about the odd softie tbh. Start worrying if it continues for a couple/few days.


Laverne laid softies for a week and then I did something about it. Started with shellstim for a week and then managed to get some limestone flour. Took about a week of 1 teaspoon per grub to sort out.


I now add it once per week for a day or so.

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thanks christian. We can get some very easily as the place we get the feed from sells it. we're going at the weekend so might get a small tub and see how it goes.



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so you both add it to the food for 2 days a week?


think i'll do that then, to be on the safe side. No harm in giving them a little extra calcium.


They do get their own shells baked, crushed and added to their food as well as the oyster shell.


BTW, I whipped the softie out but should I have left it in for them to finish off, recycle the calcium back into their system?

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You don't want them getting a taste for eggs!! :wink:


normally, when they hear me open the back door, they start kicking off to be let out. There was a bit of noise this morning but then it went quiet and I thought, hang on! :? Then, when I opened the door, I realised why they were so quiet, they were busy eating the soft shelled egg, they were really enjoying it! :shock:


They weren't happy when I whipped it out, they were still trying to eat the aubiose where it had been. I think they already have a taste for egg :shock:


thanks both of you for being quick with the advice/replies by the way.

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