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Free range chickens... (And no fox attack)

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Are we the only people who uses a greenhouse as a chicken coop? :oops:


We let all our girls free range all day and leave the door open so they have access to their food, water and nesting boxes and just shut them up at night.


We have removed the piece of glass above the door for ventilation and during the summer months we also open the other vents. We also keep an eye on the temperature gauge during the summer, but with all that ventilation it never gets too hot...


...We have been keeping chickens in it for years and they seem to love it. It seems ideal with lots of space, it keeps the rain off and lets the light in. All of our chickens have bright red combs and they lay the most amazing eggs all year round.


The greenhouse is about 8ft x 12ft and best of all, we got it for free from the local free ads!


Also, we live in a rural area and until now we have never had a fox attack, but our dogs (a lovely black lab and rottweiler) also free range with them and live outside. So maybe that is keeping mr fox away?

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Our greenhouse is part of the chicken run but we have meshed the side and door end, leaving the roof and back gable end glass.

The other side is open as the rest of the run is adjoined to it.


They do love it and spend more time in the greenhouse bit than the rest of the run :roll:


I am missing my greenhouse though, I only really used it this time of year to start my seeds off - time to talk the hubby into a potting shed :wink:



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I'm glad I'm not the only person using a greenhouse to keep chooks in!


We also considered taking some extra glass panels out and replacing it with mesh but as it doesn't get too warm, we decided not to.


Our chooks love it to especially when it rains!! Most of them suddenly turn around and start heading back towards the greenhouse for shelter, one by one they form an orderly queue to get in.


I do worry about having a fox attack when leaving them out, but we have been lucky until now and our chooks definately seem to enjoy life more now that they free range all day, everyday...

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I am very envious, lucky you and lucky chickens :) Free ranging all day was exactly my dream before I got my chickens, but sadly the London fox population had other ideas :evil:




Ditto. :( I imagined chickens in the garden, me in the kitchen - but I cannot take the risk.

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