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Door Timer Stopped Working

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I noticed the other day that the time setting on my omlet door had slowed. It was showing three hours behind the current time. I reset it to the correct time and less than 12 hours later, it was a whole hour behind again. I don't use the light setting anymore because it failed to open/close at my selected settings, so my birds were being let out hours after sunrise or being locked out early in the evenings. We had no problems with the omlet until a year after installing it. Seems like we paid way too much for a product that only works for one year...

Has anyone else had this issue and resolved it? I have 80% battery life remaining, and it is relatively cold, but the issue started before our cold snap.

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I'd change the batteries anyway, then see what the timing is like. We have many battery powered clocks here (inside and out) and the first sign of a failing battery is the clock running slow. Don't know what the battery life indicator is actually measuring, but if it's just the voltage, that battery is actually flat?

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