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welsh sarah

french wheaton maran

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Here's my FWM girl and silver FWM boy at around 2 weeks. The girls feather up quicker than the boys. If you look at the girl in the 1st pic, she has longer, pointy wing feathers reaching to the end of her back and more developed 'shoulder' and tail feathers than the boy. He has a larger comb.



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I love my FWMs - I kept a Wheaten girl and a Silver Wheaten girl (the boy above had to go to a new home). They have come into lay in the last few weeks and I'm getting really dark eggs - they probably have about one day off a week. I wasn't sure if I'd like the feathered legs and feet but they're quite lightly feathered. They're also very friendly and easy to pick up - but remember I've been handling them since they hatched.

I took some pics of them the other day - I'll post one after tea :D

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fee they are beautiful


i am excited now cant wait for her to hatch them, she is getting the eggs in 2 weeks and then it is all go.


they will also be handled from the day they hatch, so should be tame and easy to handle like yours.


thanks again for the pictures

i will keep you posted

i will have to learn how to do photos wont i

sarah :)

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