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I have a cube coming Friday - what shall i fill it with!!!!

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Chickens....now there's a thought!!!!


I would love a gold silkie - I've managed to locate some blue ones that I'm going to see on sunday. Other than that I'm not sure - I think maybe buff orps, but I have heard that they can have trouble getting up the ladder. Not sure what else.


I'm very excited!!!

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silkies are so lovely, mine loves a cuddle, she has such a great character.

you will not have a problem with the bigger girls. my marans are huge and they jump/fly out and climb in without a problem. i did used to have a log under the bottom of the ladder but they dont need that anymore.


my cream legbars are also lovely girls and the blue eggs are great, the marans lay chocolate coloured eggs (not that i have had any yet) the others lay varying colours of white and brown so hopefully in the spring i will have a multi-coloured egg box


because i have two toddlers i selected breeds that are good with children and i must say mine are very tolerant. they are all calm and have great characters. i would love to have a few more silkies as they are great.

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I have a mixture of Hybrids,for year round eggs & pure breeds for longevity, & I think that works really well :D


My Cream Legbar,Light Sussex & French Maran pure breeds all lay gorgeous eggs & are lovely friendly hens.

My hybrids - White Star,Rhode Star, Leghorn/RIR cross & Daisy Belle, are lovely girls & consistant layers.


Its nice to get hens of a few different colours, & light coloured hens are easier to see from the house!


Different coloured eggs are nice too, & also useful for knowing who has laid what!

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