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vegetable patch

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you're not supposed to feed raw potato peelings, they should be cooked, because they can be poisonous in their raw state. I doubt if a chicken would eat an uncooked potato after the first couple of pecks, but who knows.


I think anything you grow near a chicken-run will be razed to the ground before it has a chance to grow, though! Are you growing things for them to eat, or for you to eat? :?


I have some perpetual spinach, and the girls go mad for it - I had to fence it off so they couldn't eat it all. They will eat almost any tender young plant! They aren't so keen on herbs, however they will still scratch around things even if they don't eat them, so if you want to preserve anything, best keep the chickens off the garden.

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Many thanks for your super prompt reply. I'm looking forward to potato omelette :D . I wasn't thinking of the hens as such, although they do enjoy cooked potatoes. Yes I think you are right, I will have to fence off the newly dug patch when I plant the potatoes. The girls will have less room but the potatoes won't be there the whole year round.

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