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Hello Omlet lovers!


New chicken keeper Shannon here. We got GNR Sandwich and GNR Curry on the 28 April, everything appears to be going well, they even laid an egg on the first day! (cube green) They have an exclusive hen house and have decimated most of the garden, and then rather oddly one of the GNR started doing horrible poos, fingers crossed its nothing to worry about, I'm waiting for Barbara to come back to me. We !eggbrown! are getting one a day of average I presume from the chicken who isn't pooing bright orange.


It would be lovely to hear from others, if only to reassure we are doing things right.

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Welcome to the forum Shannon :D

Thanks! We got the chickens on some probiotic yoghurt (mixed into the chicken feed) Our dog Jake was jealous, and I'm pretty sure that Chickens cannot lick the bowl clean...

I'll let you know how we get on.

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Hi Shannon and welcome


Chickens often do nasty poos for a couple of weeks after they are moved, its quite normal so dont panic


They will then go on to do a nasty orange poo every now and again, its a clear out poo and stinks, these are often referred to by us as 'curry poos'


Prepare to talk about poo a lot, that seems to come with chickenkeeping :think:

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Hi I'm another newbie! :mrgreen:


I ordered the Eglu Classic with 2 Gingernut Rangers yesterday, which are arriving on Friday!


I've managed to find my way around and have been pointed in the direction of the 'newbie shopping list' which is very helpful. Now I just need to prep the ground where the Eglu is being sited, put some woodchips down, purchase a few bits and pieces and I'm ready!


I've not owned chickens before but I've had various other different animals over the years.


The only other pet I have at the moment is my dog (Jack Russell). I usually have alot more animals as I foster for the RSPCA, so it's an unusually quiet time of the year for me!


I like to do my research so I expect to be dipping in and out of the forum to pick up as many hints and tips as I can :)

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Hi everyone, I have just joined and would like to say hello.

We got our girls 4 weeks ago, they are Lohman Brown and was about 18-20 weeks old when we got them, the oldest has started to lay and she is laying 1 egg every 48 hours at the moment.

The all have colour coded rings on thier legs so we know who is who, but in the 4 weeks we have had them, we can see thier personality coming out lol

Cluck is the oldest and has a purple ring, Chickadee has a green ring, Doris has a red ring, Alice has a orange ring, Babs has a pink ring and Flo has a yellow ring.

in the 4 weeks we have had them , 2 of them have been poorly, Chickadee had a muck bath and got grit in her eye so had to bathe it and its fine now, and Flo well she has been off her food, we found out she had gape worm so got some wormer and treated them all. We have had to hand feed flo and give her water and the breeder we got them from, told me to give her boiled egg, so she had a mix of mash potato, thier feed and a boiled egg chopped up fine, and the folowing day she was so much better, well over the past 4 days she has got stronger and stronger and today she has started eating and drinking herself, so we are so proud of our hard work and nursing her back to health. so going to introduce her back into the coop and run tomorrow and see how they go. We know to put her in at night time to get them use to each other and to put vaseline on thier crowns to stop pecking.

we also think that Flo may be blind in one eye as its slightly white so think she has a catarac, but im sure it wont cause her any problems.


hope to chat some more soon...


Debbie x

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Welcome to the forum, Pinklady. :D Goodness, what a busy 4 weeks you've had. Lovely to hear about your hens & I hope they'll keep well now. I have a hen blind in one eye & she's fine.


Welcome to the forum, Loon. :D What an exciting day Friday will be, your life will change forever! Are you counting the days?


Hope you both enjoy exploring the forum, and look forward to hearing more. :D

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Hello, i'm not really new i'm quite old(Bunee1) but going under a new name and very recently bought 2 chicken's as previously had 2 guinea's in an Eglu sadly 1 resently died and the other is looking old and tired, soooo i may be being slightly presumtuous but i'm hoping to convert the old Eglu with the conversion kit so the chickens can move in!


I bought them as point of lay Rhode island reds last thursday and got 1st egg which my 3 yr old found eggstremely excitedly (sorry) on friday! and we've had an egg every day since and 2 today! so i'm very pleased.


So look forward to chating about eggy things and non eggy things.





& Paloma

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Hi! I'm Lucie and our 2 chickens and !gogreen! arrive next week. Excited and nervous as not sure what to expect.


Any help and advice gratefully received, especially if I should buy anything specific before they arrive.


Can't wait to get involved on the forum

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Hi - have just become a member and a brand new owner of chickens - 4 lovely girls! Question though - how do I create harmony between my English Springer and the chickens?? He is a very placid dog but spends long walks chasing pheasant in the surrounding fields and clearly thinks the chickens are there for the same purpose. I have tried keeping him on the lead and gently introducing them - but for sure he is going get them if I let him off! Any suggestions please?


PP x 2

GNR x 2

(green eglu)

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I'm sitting, waiting for my Eglu to arrive - due any time today - and figured it'd be as good a time as any to say hello to you all!




I've been talking about getting chickens (to family, friends, work colleagues and that random guy in Starbucks...) for a few years but this year, I've finally made more of an effort to research the subject and make plans. I've started building up essential supplies, have been reading round the subject (online and even real-life books!) and, as I said, got my Eglu nearly in my grasp!


I hope to re-home some ex-bats once we've finalised the garden security - need to repair / replace some of the fencing to ensure the girls aren't too vulnerable but we've cleared the spot for the coop and picked out names... I'm really quite excited! (See, no 'egg'cited pun here!)


Anyway - I'm hoping to spend a little time reading through the advice on this forum and perhaps getting to know some of you and your experiences ('egg'speriences... See, I didn't do it again!?)


I look forward to hanging out with you!


Unit xx

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We have thought about getting an eglu for years and finally ordered a classic for delivery in June with 2 hens.


Then I got thinking about them roughing up the garden as the plan was to have it on the lawn.


Do I get a cube instead and permanently park it on a unwanted piece of garden border or prepare myself to move the classic and run frequently?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I saw Omlet at Grand Designs LIve a couple of weeks ago and I now have a (red eglu) (courtesy of ebay) with an extened 3m run and will be visiting 'Cooped Up' in Surrey at the weekend to get GNRGNRPPPP . Wonder what I'll actually come back with :doh: I have been thinking about getting chickens for sometime and my neighbour has some so have taken advice.


As I am getting four girls shall I invest in a superglug as soon as possible? I've seen other Omleteers say that their birds didn't take to them so thought that if I got one soonest they might adapt to it. Does anyone have any advice for a novice (albeit a very excited novice :dance: )


I hope that they can eventually put my 3 cats (Maddie, Kitty and Millie) in their places in the garden pecking order. I am rather worried about Brer Fox as well as I back onto allotments and farmland is close and I'm out all day working. Oh gosh, this is worse than when I got my 2 rescue cats (Millie is their (unrelated) naughty little sister)! :wall:

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Hello and welcome to the forum both of you. Congratulations on your purchases, how exciting! :dance:

I love my Cube, if I were starting out now I'd get one.

I think you're right about getting the superglug so they are used to it from the beginning. I find them great, having a good capacity.

So, not long until you both get the chickens, we shall look forward to hearing all about them.

Meanwhile, welcome, and hope you enjoy browsing & joining in on the rest of the forum. :D

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Me back again. Hello to all other newbies!


Audrey and Cilla arrived about 1pm yesterday and already one of them (we think Cilla) has laid an egg for us today. So excited!


Loving them already, although we did struggle to get them to go in their Eglu last night. Tried the torch in there, but they weren't having it, so we had to put them in there. Hopefully they have got the idea now, especially as we have a lovely little !egg!


Cilla is already the nosy dominant one, and Audrey prefers to sit in the shade to getting involved with us.


I will be back soon asking questions on the various different boards no doubt!



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Hello my name is judy we are getting our first ever ex battery chickens on the 19th of june and we are so excited

my hubby has converted a shed at the bottom of our garden and built a big run around it they will also have regular use of the garden as a whole we are trying to learn as much as poss and this site is brillant :D .



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Hi my Name is Cynthia and I live in Northumberland,,I run a dog rescue www.nessr.net and just getting back into keeping chickens,,,I found you via a search and thought I would join,,


We have many dogs mainly Springer Spaniels that have come my way and for many reasons have not been rehomed,,they live with my OH and I,,of course they keep me busy,,


I will look forward to having a good look around and saying hello to many of you,,, :)

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Hi and welcome Cynthia! I know you from the NESSR forum from when we were looking for a second springer last year. Must be something about chickens and springers that go together (just not in the same room! :anxious: ) :D Hope you find your eglu soon!

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I am new as well and new to chickens. We got 4 ex bats 22nd May and we are loving it. They have a run and also free range when we are in the garden. Our 20 month old little boy thinks it hilariously funny to chase them with his pretend lawnmower and kick them up the bum. Have had to put a stop to that obviously! The poor things seem to take it in their stride though.

We are on a huge learning curve and I have been finding out what to do about one hen-Poppy who has had yellow runny poo since we got her. I have found out it could be the upheaval of the re home and actually she was quite subdued when she first arrived so maybe it's that. Am also going to worm them just in case. Also been told to use live yoghurt in the food to help with their tummies.

I'm looking forward to using the forum and meeting other people. :D

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