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Hi I am new too.


I am not new to chickens, but still very much learning. I had three ex-battery girls, Blossom, Annie and Millicent in August 2008. Sadly Blossom died in September 2009 whilst we were on holiday. My neighbour was looking after them, but obviously not well enough for Blossom :cry: Then last Tuesday Annie died of peritonitis. I delayed taking her to the vets, as I can be a bit paranoid and rush them there for no reason. So as I only thought she had a bad leg, as no other signs except difficulty walking I held off. She had antibiotics but it was too late. She died peacefully though, lying in the sun and enjoyed her last breakfast of honey, rolled oats and natural yoghurt.


So that just left Millicent. She decided to become human and spend all her time with us. She refused to go back in her run and stood with her head through the gate gazing mournfully at us. As it isn't possible to allow your chicken to go to work with you, we decided to get her a friend. The next ex-batt release isn't until June, so today we bought her Marigold.


Marigold is a Suffolk Noir. She is 25 weeks old and already tame. She allows us to pick her up and stroke her and tonight we were stepping over her as she had a dust bath, daft chicken.


Millicent is dominating her and we are seeing a bit of feather pulling and pecking, but Marigold just puts her head down and freezes, then wanders off, so she seems to be playing by the rules.


I look forward to getting to know people on here and it is great to know there are so many people to come to with my chicken problems.


Thanks to Lou for putting me onto this site


Shell xx

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Hi, I've just registered with this forum, so I had best introduce myself.

I moved to a semi rural location a year ago and have acquired a plot which is roughly a third of an acre. So the natural thing for me is to get some chickens. I had never kept them before, but I'm loving it!

I don't know the breed names but we first got six bog standard red-brown hens and one beautiful Welsummer.

Later, because the Welsummer seemed to be a tad recluse, I bought another.

The chance came to buy some ex-battery hens. The same sort as my red ones, only, missing lots of feathers! I bought twelve but one died.

Then I bought three Marans and a totally white chicken, of which I don't know the breed. I was then given a cock, and am reliably told it is a cross breed. He's a handsome chap, and hardly makes any noise!

And a neighbour went and bought us our most resent addition, a Sussex light, as way of saying thanks for a prier good deed.

I have a purpose built coup/shed which is ten foot by twelve foot in one corner of the paddock. Great size as it is totally self contained for when there is bad weather.

I look forward to getting stuck in and reading your advice and wisdom.

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I'm 'The New Chick' lol I have purchased my (orange eglu) and it looks wonderfull. Just waiting to get some chickens which is proving harder than I thought. I have at last found someone that has P.O.L. Pullets and hopefully will be able to pick them up on 7th May . I am going away for a few days and need to wait until I come home to get my new arrivals!! :clap:


Once I have found out if this post works I will be asking lots of questions.

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I'm so excited. After months of trying every persuasive technique known I finally convinced my hubby that chickens were for us. I've spent the last couple of weeks trawling ebay and the market place to find an eglu/cube and was just about to give in an order a new one when I found one that was near enough to collect! I can't wait and will be collecting my (cube green) on Monday. Now all I need are the occupants! I've no idea how I'll decide what to go for though since I've skipped between whether to choose a classic, go or cube so many times over the weeks....


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:D Hello thenewchick, hello Aimee!

Welcome to the forum and, very soon, the wonderful world of chickenkeeping.

How exciting, new chickens for your Eglu on May 7th, and a Cube arriving soon & chickens to be chosen.

Meanwhile, hope you both enjoy browsing around the different sections of the forum.

Looking forward to hearing more from both of you. :D

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Hi everyone im new to this site :)

unable to post atm on the other board? so here goes:

I have just been given 3 geese and 3 chickens they are 2 weeks old!!

my Bantham chicken is sitting on eggs as we speak and 2 have justed hatched (i'm a Grandmum lol) how long before i can put the 2 week old with the babys? they will all be shearing a house together in the future.

would be grateful for info on this as im very new to chickens.

many thanks in advance

cluck cluck cheep cheep :D

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Hi I'm Katie-may I have looked on this forum a few times and now decided to join as need major help!


I have 4 lovely layers, one Rohde Island Red - Robbin, One Aslralorp - Batman and two New Hampshires - Juicy Lucy and Vesper.


I have just turned 20 and instead of going out and wasting my money I strive to be self sufficient like on the good life hehe


My parents won't let me have a cow or goat yet though :(

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Welcome to the forum Katie-May!


Keeping a few :D chickens can be a life changing experience . We got hens, then started growing veg, then got an allotment and now grow mountains of veg and yearn for a smallholding. :D


Do you have room for a cow and a goat? :wink:



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Hello, I have been toying with the idea of chickens for a while, so a couple of weeks ago i took the plunge and ordered my (orange eglu) 2 PP , 1 GNR and a very nice man to install it all for me. I was like a child waiting for christmas. At 9 yesterday morning my girls arrived. They have settled very quickly. i was surprized how friendly they were. The one thing i have found is how much of a time waster they are, i pop outside for a moment, next thing i know is ive been out there ages with them. :D

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Hi everyone here at Omlet. we joined up as we are Newbies to keeping Hens and plunged ourselves into having 6 girls in a Cube! all their names are in the Signature of our posts and they are all lovely little girls.


Our names are John and Kymberley as our user name suggests! we live in a love ly house and have a beautiful big garden with three lawns, so plenty of fresh grass for the girls tlo peck at!


We have a female cat called MILLE and she seems to be non to faised by the Hens, in fact the first meeting Millie looked at them and they all raised there heads and clucked and just carried on eating away at the grub lol.


Were looking forward to talking to all on here and are finding our feet on the forum :D :D :D :D :D

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:D Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of chickenkeeping, John and Kymberley. I'm glad to see you seem to be finding your way around the forum.

Lovely to hear about your new hens, theyll certainly enjoy all that grass.

Looking forward to hearing more. :D

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I have posted on the chicken forum several times over the last couple of weeks, but thought I should introduce myself properly! I got my very first chickens on Sunday, 5 pekins, 1 cock & 4 hens. They are all going to be 1 in July & I love them already! The cock & 2 hens are lavenders (Bluebelle) & I also have 2 buff hens GNR . I am really enjoying it all so far & think this is all going to become very addictive! I have 2 small girls who have named them all & love looking (far to regularly!) for eggs. One of the lavenders has layed twice for us already. They are currennly in a good sized run, but I hope to free range them in the garden once I have made it abit more secure!



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