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When it snows...

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They'll decide if they want to be out in it or not. It was snowing a bit this morning & my 3 didn't seem to notice! As long as they've got a sheltered run to get out of it they'll be fine.


They're funny in deep snow - lifting their legs really high and then standing on one leg as though they're trying to keep the other one warm :lol:

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We had a bit of a freak snow storm her yesterday afternoon when it changed from sunny to snowing in a matter of minutes. My girls were free ranging and as it was their first snow experience I dashed outside to see what they were doing. I found them sheltering in a corner under the lilac tree and when I called them they looked at me with a very puzzled look on their face as if asking"what's going on".


The followed me into the kitchen and sat in the doorway watching the snow coming down until it slowed down and then they ventured back outside. I don't think they really minded the snow, it just took them by surprise.

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