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Two eggs?!

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How likely is it that a hen lays two eggs the same day?


Our four Rhode Island Reds have been laying on average 3 per day between them the past couple of weeks, and we've just found a clutch of 6 eggs that Princess has been secreting away in the hedge behind the coop, so their rate of laying is even higher than we thought.


Either they are each laying every day or some of them might be laying more than one a day.


What's the chance of this, particularly in February?!

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I think it far more likely that they are all laying every day - the RIR is a good all-rounder and lays very well. A chicken's egg-laying cycle is 25 hours, so the chance of them laying twice a day is slim! Because their cycle advances by one hour per day, they take a day off about once every 8-12 days, when the laying time gets too close to bedtime.

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No-one told my three that they should have holidays. :roll:


Rae (my RIR / Sussex X) has not had a day off this year.


Cynthia & Bobbi have had occasional days off, although Cynthia has gone broody today so I expect her to have a break.


I would guess that all your girls are laying. :D

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My younger two gingernuts lay every day almost without fail. They arrived almost a year ago, and were around 24 weeks so I guess they are now 18 months old.


I did get a 'three-egg' day when they first came into lay, I think there'd been a very early morning one and then a late-afternoon one, so it's not impossible but fairly rare to get two in a day.


*sigh* I'd be glad to get even ONE egg from the other three, they are eating and drinking and clucking away merrily but not an egg in sight for over four weeks now!

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