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It'll be some mathematical pattern or combination of patterns, like, if a number is divisible by nine, then when you add together all its digits until you reach single digits, the result will always be 9.


Try it!


Create a sample number: 1782 x 9 = 16038


1 + 6 + 0 + 3 + 8 = 18


1 + 8 = 9


:D :D :D


P.S. - aha, I was on the right track with the above! I tried the 7-up game twice, and my two sets of numbers at the final stage were 1782 and 2358. See anything in common??


Basically the smaller number you end up with by subtracting your two shuffled numbers will always add up to 18. Given three numbers that add up to less than 18, it's not hard to work out the fourth!

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