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Not all chickens are the same!

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We lost out Gingernut & Peppercorn just before Christmas.

Last weekend we replaced them with 2 more hybrids a Cuckoo and a crested they are really nice looking birds but, these 2 birds are so boring it is untrue. No character at all.

I know it is early days but I feel sure that after just a few days the other two were eating out of my hand and chasing me up the garden for food. When we opened the kithen door they started to pace up and down in the Eglu run expecting to be let out or fed (or both!)

The new birds are very young but will they ever learn or are some hens just aloof and much to lady like to rush around the garden?

Has anyone experience this sort of thing because we really loved the 1st chooks and laughed so much at the things that they got up to.


Missing them even more now!



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When I got my new girls they wouldn't come near me for the first week or so. Over time they become tamer and now all but one will eat out of my hand. Winifred the Light Sussex was a new girl, but was the star of my last hen party. Everyone held her and she didn't make a fuss! :D


Give it time, i'm sure that when they start laying it changes their personality.





edited to add - remember that Omlet chickens are bred to be friendlier than pure breeds too. Food will encourage them! It always does :roll::wink:

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I agree with Christian. Our 2 pure breeds who came in September were boring, timid and not interested in much. Now they are totally different - this afternoon I've had a constant battle to keep them out the kitchen :shock: they've worked out how to wriggle in the back door, they poo on the floor and then run away. Right little characters now! :lol:


try tempting yours with treats, they will then associate you with food and maybe will get a bit friendlier, I constantly keep picking my lot up - so they soon get used to us. :)

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