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Does anyone use Equisorb?

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I brought 2 large bails of the stuff and now I'm not sure if its OK for them.


When I use it they eat some of it, and not sure if this is going to cause them an impacted crop or not.


So does anyone else use it or if there's any reason why I shouldn't use it then please let me know :D


Ta xx

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sorry, don't know what it is! I'm guessing it's a horse bedding?


The problem with hay is (1) it can have spores in and (2) long strands - if this is more like straw then it should be ok. Mine sometimes eat aubiose, and I don't think it does them any harm.


I know Rhapsody uses some sort of horsey stuff - Easibed I think it's called - in her chicken run. What is Equisorb like?

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What is Equisorb like?


It looks very much like Hemcore going by the pictures I've seen. Its got little tiny white twiggy bits in it.


Found an article in practical poultry where some one suggests using it, but not found anything else about it.


EDIT: Have now found out that its made of flax fibre which I think is the same as hemcore!

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