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Worming Farm Cats?

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The last three semi-feral kittens which went to the Vet's to be neutered all had worms - the last lot didn't.............


so I wondered if there was anything I can add to their food which will sort them all out? I bought some granules for Tom as he comes into the hall sometimes and is very friendly, he had a separate bowl in the porch. We can't get near the others to do anything else with them.


I'd also like to do something about fleas - but obviously drops are not an option - and nor is spending a fortune on them.


All the cats are over 6 months old now.

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Hi Lesley


I always thought Diatomaceous Earth was suitable for worming cats etc - I've been adding it to our work's cat's dinner's for months :?


On website that sells DE:


Fleas - to control fleas, spray areas where pets sleep.


Worms in cats and dogs - simply add the relevant dose to your pets food.

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I would be putting panacur paste in their food about every 3-4 months. Difficult to treat fleas. Can you handle them at all.?If you can scruff them and spray them with frontline spray - that would be ideal, but if they are not handleable I don't think you can treat them. :?

I help with cat rescue & we will flea treat any ferals that we trap for neutering when they go in for their op, if we get any young ferals or semi-ferals in, I can usually scruff them and spray them, but it depends what they are like. I have the advantage of haning them in a cat pen & it's quite easy to scruff them when they are backed in a corner a as long as they are not lashing out, but obviously you probably don't have the chance of getting them in an enclosed small space if they are on a farm.

Are they neutered?

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