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You could save a life

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That's very useful advice! I'll try to remember it.


My dad had a stroke about 6 years ago but no-one was there. Piecing together what he could remember, we think he had been to get petrol and had the stroke while driving :shock: . He says he remembers cars beeping at him and doesn't know how he got home (about 2 miles).


His eyesight on one side is affected but other than that he recovered relatively well. He doesn't drive any more - the doctor ripped up his licence in front of him :roll: .

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It's very important to remember that Emu - thanks.


I come from a family of medics and was always taught basic first aid by them. I've held a first aiders certificate of various sorts constantly for the last 30 years and have had to use those skills on countless occasions - the knowledge gives you confidence to act quickly and calmly and can save lives and maintain the status quo until paramedics can arrive.


I firmly believe that if basic first aid skills were taught as part of the national curriculum, more lives would be saved. It's very important, especially for those who look after children.


Both The British Red Cross and St John's hold very basic, short courses for someone who is keen to learn the most basic of skills

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