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anxious motherhen

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Hi everybody,


I have taken the plunge. The run has just been made and the orange cube is coming on thursday. I have just heard that i can adopt my five ex-bats on march 11th, i am both very very excited and i must admit to being a bit nervous. Just a couple of questions,


- If the chickens have not got many feathers and the weather is cold should i make them a knitted coat?


-i have also heard that if anything is going to happen it will within the first week. Just wondering how frequently this happens?


Has anyone got any particular advice about caring for ex-bats.


Thanks again :roll:

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I LOVE this forum!

Every time I think up a new obsession, someone here has beaten me to it!

I've just started knitting, and had thought about chicken jumpers, (I don't think the dogs need any more!), AND someone has a pattern!

Suddenly I feel so much more sane and normal.


I'm sure they really wouldn't mind wearing jumpers - it wouldn't feel much different to those saddle things you can buy for them, and I'm sure they'd really appreciate it whilst there feathers are re-growing :D

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