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Progress report

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Thanks to all of you who replied about my question on what to put into the nesting box. Have decided to go for the shredded news papers as they are free

easily replaced and as a keen gardener ideal for the compost bin.

Things have happened very quickly. We collected our 4 new girls on Sunday morning and introduced them to their new home. By the afternoon they had gotten reasonable used to us with the 2 smaller girls eating from our hands.


Monday Morning and the 2 small girls are huddled in the nesting box and reluctant to come out but did so with a little help and will keep an eye on them

in case of any bullying.

Went down to put them to bed Monday evening and there in the nesting box our first egg :shock::shock: This has to be an Eggspress Delivery :?:


Then to cap it all went down to let them out this morning and one of them

must have laid just before I put them to bed the previous day as 2nd egg right under the eglucube

Talk about rapid work :):)

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