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Lone Ranger

What do you do to keep them amused in the run ?

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I too have hung up a couple of cs but they don't seem that interested. They do love having a go at a cabbage or cauliflower/broccoli stalks if I chuck them in and at corn on the cob too. Not tried the perches but know others have done with success - am sure they wil; be along soon to tell you. :)

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I have put an upturned flowperpot in the run and although they took no

notice at first, they are now using it quite a lot. Sometimes one sits on it for a while and other times they jump on and off it. I have also put a couple of different sized logs in there just to add another level for them.


Also when I go to work I sometimes throw them a caulifower or brocolli stalk & leaves or a corn on the cob to give them something to peck at. If I don'thave these I may sprinkle a handful of sunflower seeds, raisins, corn etc into the hemcore so that they will be kept busy scratching around for them.

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those shoe racks and perches look amazing!
Thank you!

Is there an extension on that run?
And why do all the photos I see on this site look as though there is permanent sunlight wherever you all are!?? :wink:
That was pure luck - every other day has been rain, snow or fog :roll: . We all rush out with our cameras the minute the sun comes out :wink:.
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i through in an apple occassionally, it keeps them occupied trying to break through the skin- but i only give them on occassions because of how acidy they can be, i know my guinea pigs with only eat so much apple before turning their nose up to it because of the acid

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