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Greetings Everyone

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Hia Everyone


Havent posted for quite some time, but thought I would pop back and say hi to everyone 8) How are you all?


Our chickens Cilla and Daisy are doing great. Had them 16 months now and couldnt imagine life without them. They both have their own characters.


Because its winter they seem very erratic with their egg laying!


We've also got a dwarf lop eared rabbit called Smudge. During the day they all "free range" in the garden, so its fun to watch. :D

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Hi A


That is very bizarre, I have just read a message you sent me just before Christmas :shock:


I hope you and the family are all well


Cilla and Daisy can't be as bad as our lot, 7 of them and only one egg a day :roll:


We have got visiting chooks at the moment, had them since Sunday and have had 10 eggs :shock:


Are you still at the florist, if so how's it going :?:


Harry and Jules are away at grandparents this week, it is so quiet without them. Harry has texted me to say they have spent the day at Alton Towers :D


I on the other hand left the house for work at 7.30am and got home at 5;15pm


Oh well a few extra hours banked


Off to have a glass or 2 of wine now and listen to the rest of the footie on the radio, come on you Wolves :roll:

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Hia Debs :D


Lovely to hear from you. Only just seen my message before xmas? What are you like :wink: I do pop on here from time to time, and you seem to LIVE on here :lol: So I thought I would pop up and actually leave some messages too :wink:


Phew so many chooks, how do you cope :? We love our two, couldnt imagine life without them now.


Didnt think Alton Towers was open til April? :?: Glad the kids enjoyed it, we went last year with our two, it was brill.



I did start working in a Flower Shop before Xmas, but it went very quiet after so I was given my notice :( Still looking for part time work but its difficult to find the "perfect" job. Hubby is out of work too, so he's frantically looking for something aswell.


Anyway, must go now, be back to "chat" some more in the next few days.


Take care

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Hello again. Hope you both find work soon, Why is it always easier to find a job when you are employed? Definitely something my sister's fiance noticed after the long story to do with Geneva-shan't go into details. Anyway, he now has a job after just 2 and 1/2 ish months of hunting so hopefully you can find something too!



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Our chickens like to go and lay eggs "upstairs" in the rabbit hutch. And bunny likes to go and eat all the hen food in their run, so I rarely leave it lying around for him anymore cos he's getting a tubby lil bunny :?


Its funny when they are all in the rabbit hutch together! :lol: Got a pic of them somewhere, will have to find it out.

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