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not yet laying but acting oddly

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Miranda is not laying yet, but today I saw a funny poo that looked like it had egg white in it (the other two are laying) so I think it might be hers, but my question really is is do hens act a bit strangely just before they lay their first egg?


She is being much more vocal than usual, a strange cawing noise I've not heard before, and she was sitting in a flowerpot for about half an hour which I'd not seen her do before, then she went in the eglu had a sit down then came straight back out again.


Is she going to lay her first egg or is there something a bit odd going on with her today?

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oh goody, I wasn't here when the other two laid their first- just discovered the eggs in the eglu...but today Miranda is just acting so wierd- I just went out and gave them some sweetcorn- she hopped out of the flowerpot quickly enough to help devour it, but she's now gone back in it!!


I guess I'm worried that she might be ill but if she's about to lay her first egg then thats ok!

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I watched her as she did it in the flower pot!!! The first time ever I have seen a chicken lay an egg. so chuffed.


I have taken a few photos which (technonumpty as I am) I will endeavor to get on here later.


I'm really chuckling at her laying in a flowerpot.

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wow what a priviledge to be able to watch they are normally so private about egg laying.


I know :D , mind you I was keeping a low profile- she was right outside my study window, so I opened the window a little and was surreptiously peering out- I'm sure she could see me though.


I got home from work at lunchtime and my husband had got back 10 mins before- he had found an egg in the eglu and I said did you check the flowerpot too? And he said- but they've been in the run all morning how could she have laid in the flowerpot?


duh me :oops:

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