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Anyone have a cross between a Buff Sussex and a Silkie?

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I bought a cross between a Buff Sussex and a Silkie today.


She is soooooooo sweet, she doesn't mind being picked up and stroked at all, quite happy to be held.

I think I like her the best so far because of her temprement.


The only problem is that the other birds keep trying to peck her and pull her feathers out on her head.

She keeps hiding her head behind the Eglu Cubes wheels. Sometimes she sits on the wheels and then the other birds peck her back or bottom feathers and push her off, then start on her again.

She is smaller than the rest.


I put two other new birds in there at the same time as her, a little skirmish went on but stopped.


What shall I do?

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Thanks for your reply.


Slid the roof back tonight and had a look inside, the Gingernut R's and Miss P's are all huddled around with the Buff Sussex/Silkie (called Lottie) in the centre.

I'm hoping that it has been sorted out now, I will watch tomorrow and see how it goes.


I don't really want to get rid of her because she is so sweet.

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If it's any consolation, when Dusty is in the garden with the others, woe betide anyting that dares to come in the garden that is NOT a chicken. She just chases them until they have gone. I've even seen her square up to magpies and only tend to see them when she's in the cube. :wink: Even our cat doesn't like to go in the garden when she's there or if he does he makes a hasty retreat to next door :lol:


So she does have a personality of her own and since the others have their bumper bits she often comes up to me ,has a purr then she bok, boks away to me which is 8)

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