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leghorns and wyandotte, orpingtons temperment like?

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Leghorns are flighty and dont like handling, like to roost in trees so need wing clipping. But they do lay a good number of huge china white eggs all year round unlike most pure breeds and not prone to broodyness.


Wyandottes have very attractive colour variants, good layers of good size eggs, friendly temprement but prone to broodyness.


Orps are very friendly and docile, cant fly and are very cute bundles of fluff. A bit on the large size and not very prolific layers and eggs are small.


Depends on what your requirments are really. Leghorns will be best for eggs, Orps are cute and friendly and good with kids. Orps are a bit of both.

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Hmmmm, agree really and our Leghorn was bought at POL ast year in May and laid three eggs til December, mind you she seems to have got the hang of it now and the eggs are lovely and pure white, but you can't get near her. Wyandottes are beautiful, but Buff Orpingtons are just gorgeous and are on my wish list, you could just bury your face in all that lovely fluff!


Mrs B

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My Wyandotte Dora is absolutely beatiful. She is black, but her feathers glow a lovely emerald green in the light. Her feathers are very thick and fluffy. She is is rather flighty though and is a bu**er to catch hold of to handle. I'm hoping this gets better once she starts crouching and laying. Once you get hold of her she sits nicely and is absolutely fine.




(green eglu)

GNR Doris, Welsummer

PP Dora, Wyandotte

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My Wyandotte bantam has gorgeous plumage and is tame in the sense that she runs up to the back door whenever she sees me (in the hope of treats!), but she hates being handled and will peck quite hard, especially if you try and get her off the nest when she's broody! She's also got a bit of a mouth on her - I suspect half of Cambridge knows about it when she gets a strop on! :shock::lol:


(Note sure how much of that is Wyandotte behaviour and how much is bantam, though - I know bantams tend to be more flighty than the large breeds)

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