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What works in the nesting box?

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I started with straw and they raked most of it out over the roosting bars and into the poo tray.


Then I tried shredded newspaper - within an hour the eglu was empty and they had moved every shred into the run ...then went back to straw.


They have been moving most of the straw and as they had not started laying I just left a bit of straw in the bottom. Given eggs started I thought when I cleaned out today I better put a bit more straw in to make it comfy and to protect the eggs - within 30 mins they were all having ago raking all the straw out.


Rye has just spent 30 mins s"Ooops, word censored!"ping every last strand of straw out of the nesting box before sitting on it empty to lay an egg!


Do I give up and leave it empty - not sure what the others will think when they start laying.


Any tips?



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I use the same Clur, mine fling it about a bit, chuck a bit over their backs and stuff when they're laying but your obviously have made up their minds and want the nest empty!! There's no telling chickens what to do! :lol: I think I'd still be putting straw in though, I'm just a soft touch, I can't help feeling they'd be better off sitting on something soft! :roll:


Mrs Bertie

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