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Rolo Rabbit

House on its way!!!!

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Just had an email from the ebayer we bought our coop from over a month ago and it should be with us before the end of the week!!!!!! There's been a delay as something happened at the port in Felixstowe which meant all the cargo was diverted to Antwerp. It was supposed to arrive nearly a fortnight ago.


So the paving slabs are down, the wood for the run is in the kitchen waiting to be put up tomorrow and I feel we can finally go to Mole Valley to get the all the bits and pieces that you lot have recommended. I've got butterflies, I'm so excited!! :lol:

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As soon as we can get the run and house up so probably within the next couple of weeks. We've ordered 3: a Black Rock, a Utility light Sussex (who's going to be called Shirley according to our daughter)and a Cuckoo maran.


We've been planning this for well over a month now and it all seems to go so slowly. But I know they'll be worth the wait. Several of my friends have said ' I hope these chickens live up to your expectations'! I know they will if all of you are anything to go by.


The only picture I have at the moment is of the space where the trees used to be! Not very exciting. Oh and a surprise chicken birthday cake I made for my son. He said he thought a chicken would be involved somewhere. :wink:

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Just realised how hopeless I am with digital cameras. I'm going to have to wait til DH has finished watching a film to show me how to upload my pics. I don't even know where the lead is to connect it. :oops:


I'm quite proud of the cake! I saw that someone on here bought a mould from TKmax and treated myself. The cherry wobbly bits (wattles?) are one of my finest moments, I feel. But I shouldn't say so because you'll be disappointed when I finally sort it out.

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