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Question re: perching

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My other half asked me to ask this question on here today as he is a bit worried.


We have 5 hens and only one of them perches at night (the largest one) The house has 2 perches, but he is worried that they should all be perching at night....at the moment they are just huddled into the corner each night.


Should we worry?

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no need to worry, some like perching some don't. They're probably huddled together because it's cold at the moment but it's nothing to be worried about.


There's a perch in our run where they like to perch and preen in the sun but they don't generally use the perches in the coop.

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If they are still quite young they shouldn't perch anyway as it can distort their breastbone apparently, so I wouldn't worry, they are probably not in the habit of it yet. One of mine will perch as high and as precariously as she can (she has been known to roost on the hanging hose watering system in the greenhouse) and the other is always in the nest box (think she's scared of heights). They'll decide what's comfy and what's not.

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