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I've just found some peas from last years seeds, will they still be good to use or should I get some new ones? They are climbers if that makes any difference.


Also, I used slug pellets last year to protect all my veggies but don't want to use them now we have the chickens. Does anyone have any good tips for keeping the raised beds slug free?

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You can put oats around your plants, providing you've fenced off the raised beds from your hens-they love them. :roll:


When did you buy the pea seeds? If you only bought them a year or two ago you should still get some plants if you sow them.


Also in relation to slugs buy the 50 ways to kill a slug book-it's both silly, but very useful!

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* a barrier of crushed shells? (our local garden centre had them on special offer a while back)


* slug pubs?


Do your chooks eat slugs? (some seem to love them!) You could try going out at dawn and picking them off by hand (perhaps in addition to barrier methods) - drop them into a bucket or dish then put it in the run ;)

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try starting your peas off in loo roll tubes somewhere slug proof......then plant them tube and all when about 4 inches high so the tasty tender leaves are out of slugs reach. (support the plants with some twiggy sticks)


slugs apparently dislike crushed eggshells (you should be able to get plenty of those for free :wink: )


my chooks love little slugs and slug eggs but baulk at the really big ones.

let your chooks scratch over the planting area before you put the peas in and they should clear it for you...albeit temporarily.

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