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Ex Battery Hens Questions

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On the BHWT site there is a Scottish rescue planned for April. The coordinator is in Perth which is about a three and half an hour drive from me.


So my questions are


How far can an ex battery Hen travel without getting stressed?

Do the BHWT set a limit on travelling time with the hens?

What is the minimum number of Hens you are allowed to adopt?


I have bought Bantams from Edinburgh which meant a 5 hour journey back here for them. Their carrier was covered to block out the light and they went into roost mode.


My red Eglu is sitting empty in the garage and the run could be split from the Bantams and maybe extended as well.


Suppose I ought to discuss this with OH :?

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Well I plucked up the courage and gave the coordinator a call (I hate using the phone :roll: ), as my email is playing up :evil:


The rescue should be in April, but he hasn't actually found a farm willing to let the hens be rehomed :( However the coordinator will be contacting two farms tomorrow and sounded hopeful :D


There is no limit on travelling :D In fact he has a number of people on his list from the North of England :shock::D The list is long :shock: If all goes well 700 hens can be rehomed :D


I really should discuss this with OH as my name is now on the list :lol: I suggested I would be interested in 3 hens, the coordinator said I might like to take 4 :lol: as I will be travelling quite a distance.


As I am at the bottom of the list :roll: I said I wouldn't mind waiting for the next rescue, this would give me time to work on OH :D

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:lol: No he wasn't asleep.


He had just come in after a difficult day at work :( so I caught him with his guard down.


Names already chosen - Sunshine, Skye and Breeze. Three things the hens have been denied in their lives. Of course if I bring home 4 I will need another name, any ideas?


I really hope I am lucky enough to be included in the April rescue. OH even agreed to go with me :shock::D

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fabulous :clap: how about cloud? They've never seen them either :lol: (lovely idea for names by the way!)


That's exactly what I was going to suggest! I knew a dog called cloud once, a Weimaraner and she was lovely. How fantastic to be getting ex-batts and what an amazing rescue - 700 at once!


Mrs Bertie

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I hope the rescue goes ahead ali - I met Jim Duff at the BBC and he said he was having a terrible time as the Scottish farmers didn't want to speak to him :? . He emailed me last week and said that if anyone asked me about ex-batts to tell them they'll probably have to wait several months.One of the people at my hen party on Sunday is on the waiting list too.

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:( Just been on the BHWT site and the date for the Perthshire rescue has changed from April to TBA :(


It doesn't look like I will be getting my girls for ages :( if at all :( I wish I had taken up the offer from the forum member who was travelling to the Lancashire rescue, and collected some ex Batts from them :roll:

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