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Pumpkin seeds

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pumpkins, along with all other members of the curcubit family, cross very easily so yes, they will grow but they might not 'grow true' which means you might not get lovely pumpkins like last year....you could get some weird, funny looking, tasteless thing instead :shock:


If you have the room, it would be fun to try...just to see :D but if you really want quality pumkins, buy some seed as well.


tomatoes don't cross easily and so come up year after year :wink:

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There's also the issue of the type of seed. Anything with "F1" in the variety name definitely won't breed true because it's a first generation cross between two different varieties. Even if that's the only variety you grow and the plants pollinate one another (or themselves), you'll get some seeds that produce plants similar to the parent, but many will be "throwbacks" to characteristics of the two grandparent varieties, in random combinations. You would have to grow quite a few plants to get a good one, and you wouldn't find out until you had a crop :(

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