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Girls' First Outing - Advice

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We got the girls last Friday and I intend to let them out of the run this Saturday coming.


Couple of questions:


1. is this enough time to let them know the eglu is their home?

2. what time of day shall I do it? I was thinking about an hour or so before bedtime.

3. will they go back in their run? And if not what shall I do?

4. any other tips?

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I would maybe let them out mid afternoon (of course its entirely up to you), so they can enjoy the afternoon sun after lunch - they might even dust bathe. Leaving it an hour before bed time may cause a little problem if you cant get them back in!! :lol:


Try tempting them back in with some treats,...sweetcorn/raisins/organic mixed corn or something similar in a bowl, if you scatter them in the run or towards the run they should (i say should :wink: ) follow you to the run.


They will very quickly learn about treats and getting back in the run - so dont panic if they dont do it first time. :wink:

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Oooh, yes they should have got used to things by now, get them used to treats too, same bowl, maybe rattle it as you give it to them then when you want them to go back in rattle that bowl and throw treats into the run. If they don't go in then get someone else with a camera and dash round the garden trying to catch them whilst your partner takes pictures to give us all a laugh! :lol: We've all been there, I was there this morning chasing a ridiculous fluffy white silkie who got the wrong side of the fence! :roll:

Any other tips, enjoy, it's magical watching them have a taste of freedom!


Mrs Bertie

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I fed my treats at the open run door during the first week, so when I did let them out (3 pm) I would be able to get them back with the treats.


At dusk they will go back in anyway, but treats might help you if you want to get them back in before dusk.


Good luck!



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Ours had their very first outing today, Bumble (our Columbine hybrid) had her wing clipped and went for a wander around the garden with our two bantams. Once we had managed to persuade one of them back into their run, the others very soon followed.......this came as a bit of a relief as we'd been anticipating problems ! They had only been in their new home for two days, but I needed to make a small modification to one of the doors, hence their rather premature outing.









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I received my chickens Friday as well and I have already let them out (well my daughter did!) They have both had thier wings clipped and to be honest they didn't venture far from the run - though Cool Chick did jump on top of the run which gave me a panicy moment.


They just pecked at a few dead flowers and scratched around a bit and went back in by thier own accord - mainly because we went near them to give them a stoke!


I only let them out for five minutes at a time because it's too cold for us to be in the garden for much longer!


Good luck


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