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New cube ordered to replace wooden house

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Well I've just ordered a new (cube blue) blue cube we've had chooks for a few months now and bought a wooden house as the missus wouldn't let me spend the extra on a cube, the wooden house cost £170 and came with al the wrong size screws and terrible instructions.

Straight away one of the doors fell off and now it just won't stay on no matter what I do.

The roof beam had split and the roof panels didn't fit together.

I had to predrill all the screw holes and bodge together enough screws to fit it.

I tried to move the house last month and discovered that the corner had come apart completely so I've had enough and decided to get the cube after all, I told you so just doesn't cut it :lol:


Now all I have to do is build the run enclosure :?



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gosh, I think I'd have gone back to the supplier with the wooden house - that sounds terrible.


I bet you're going to love your Cube. 'Phone Omlet' is on my To Do list for today, but unfortunately it's dependent on 'Check Bank Account' which is a little bit further up the list! :wink:

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