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Is there a midwife on the forum....?

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I'm sure that there is more than one midwife here, but in my current confused state, I can't remember who, sorry....


Anyway, I have a fairly stupid question - is it safe to drink tonic water in my advanced state. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that you should avoid it in early pregnancy, as the quinine can cause miscarraige, but am I safe to drink it now? I fancy a 'grown-up' drink tonight, and have a bottle of tonic sitting, begging to be drunk.

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Sorry I can't remember anything about Tonic when I had Ash, although what you can and cant do seems to change every week anyway.


I was told to only have 3 cups of tea a day which was really hard and the week after he was born they said there was no evidence anyway


Sorry I can't help.


when is the big day due anyway? Are you all ready?

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I asked the doctor when I was pregnant, as I fancied drinking something else than water too, but was worried about quinine, and he said unless you drink huge amounts, it won't harm the baby... he looked a bit confused by the question to be honest, so I guess it can't be too bad, or docs would know about it....

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I was a midwife, but stopped working as a midwife back around 2002 or 3 now, so I'm a little out of date with current advice I'm afraid.


However back then the advice was that a small amount of tonic was OK, so maybe a small glass.............we tended to worry more about what people were mixing with it. Drinking huge amounts of the stuff wouldn't be particulary recommended though :lol::lol::lol: .


And, if you were a traveller going to a malarious region, Chloroquine (containing quinine) is one of the few anti-malarials that we'd feel safe in recommending :wink: . That is current advice btw, although travel to malarious regions during pregnancy isn't exactly encouraged.


Maybe there'll be a more up to date midwife around who can give some more up to date advice :?

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