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Congratulations :lol:


Just picked up my three girls. A blackrock a bluebell and a gingernut.

Should i change the hemcore every day?



In the nesting box:

No....unless it gets really messy. Just poo pick every day and change as you see fit. I do it twice a week.


In the run:

Top up every week and change every 6-8 depending on how it is/weather.


Does the hemcore just go in the laying area? Do you put anything on the roosting bars?


Inside the Eglu, just in the nesting box....some do put it under the roosting bars. No need for anything on top of them.

Thanks in advance



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I put Hemcore in the nesting box and the poo trays, and just pick out the poo every day and top up as necessary.


How do you manage to pick out the poo!!


My girls poo so much... and it's all soft!! No way I'd pick that out even with sequined gloves.


Sorry for such graphic descriptions... :oops:


I line the poo tray with newspapers and empty every other day into the compost bin; and I fill the nest box with shredded paper.


Going to buy some hemcore and aubiose though - as that seems to be highly recommended on the forum.

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