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Only a week in and feel like they've been here for ages!

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Hello all,


We have only had our chickens for a week and I feel like they have been here forever! I am getting used to picking them up and they are getting used to us. They have been out of the run a couple of times but get really flappy when another bird flys over the garden. We only have blackbirds and seagulls (no idea why as we live no where near the sea!)


I have found cleaning them out really easy, though my daughter thinks that the poo smells worse than her little sisters! So needless to say she won't help. But all the poo is filling up my compost bin lovely.


I suppose now the next thing is looking for out that elusive first egg! I think that I have attached a link to photos of my inner city garden and my chickens. I saw the photos of someone who had a beatiful large garden with lovely views - our garden couldn't be more opposite!





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[quote name="Hope you've told the neighbours about them in case they hop over that fence :lol: . (Don't worry, I'm sure they won't, mine don't ever stray :wink: .)


Oh yes I have warned my neighbours! one side used to keep chickens years ago and the other side are used to chickens beacuse they said they had some in Africa - but they kept then to eat rather than just egg layers.

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Nice pics.

I'll have to do that with my Eglu when I find some Wood Chippings. I've found loads of bags of Bark for sale, but as yet, no wood chippings.


I think you got your Eglu & Hens about the same time as me. I had my first egg this morning. Its only a little one, but very cute :-)



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