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Cube door question ... b4 the credit card comes out again!

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I've decided to make the leap and sell my pink eglu and get a cube as i want another couple of girls. However I need one piece of information before I do, and this is the decider (and I've a feeling it might not be the answer I want :( )


My girls are able to let themselves out of the eglu into the big run in the morning. they are able to push their doors open which is great as in midsummer they can get up at 4am if they want and I don't feel guilty about still being in bed.


Is this possible in with a cube or is the door a completely different design? I have the impression that the door is can only be opened by pulling the handle out onthe side - which of course the girls can't do. If the girls can't let themselves out I will keep my eglus.

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I leave my eglu door open at night so they can get out and plan to do the same with my cube. Do you shut the door because of local foxes?


we do have foxes but no, they are in a very secure walk-in run. The reason is the frost! In the summer I leave it open. But even in winter they are up before me - and I'm up at 7! I was getting up earlier, and earlier and earlier but it was killing me!

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thanks all - and thanks Nikki for experimenting for me (oh and yes it was the caravans we were looking at rather than the boats. thankfully we came away thinking our current van is the bees knees, even though it is an 'entry level' one!)


Anyway, I have emailed Tracey (ladylucan) to see if I can pop up and see hers. Not that I think that will change my mind! Since we don't need a run with the cube, selling our eglu will make it pretty much affordable (no council tax this month or next you see :wink: ). I was considering the Lilac one, but think I have my heart set on orange.


I've already emailed the wonderful Ben who supplies us with chooks, and received a lovely email back from him. I'm thinking along the lines of 4 or 5 bantams now, and possibly a couple of big girls too. The bantams can then have the purple eglu and the big girls can have the cube. Although knowing Milly she will still want to be the eglu :roll:


Ben has assured me that once the bantams are fully grown they will all be able to socialise together. Good job we have a huge run and a big garden. I can see this passion getting out of control .....

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