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My girls are full of joy and lay well. They eat omlet pellets :o and should therfore not need grit as an extra. They free range a few hours each week in a grassy paddock but under a shed there is fine gravel.I notice from the poo tray that they are eating this not a lot but here and there. Does it do any harm and could they be nutritionally deprived in some way

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They do need grit lesly.


In fact it is essential that they have it in their diet as grit in the gizzard grinds up the food to make it digestible as they have no way of chewing it.


Get a sack of Mixed Poultry Grit asap and put some in a heavy pot, or plant pot tethered down with a tent peg, and let them help themselves on an ad lib basis .


You will notice that the Mixed Poultry Grit has identifiable bits of oyster shell in it, which assists with calcium absorption.


They will be eating the gravel from under the shed as they instictivly know they need the grit.


They may well continue to do so even when you have laid on the Mixed Poultry Grit. :lol:

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I think you were told the same as me Lesley.

When our first chickens arrived from Omlet I asked about grit and was told that with the pellets they supplied, the grit was included in the pellets and no extra was needed. I haven't given mine extra grit and their eggs have all been perfect, but they do free range and pick up bits and bobs from the garden. I have got a small box of grit that I'm saving.

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If they live on pellets and stay confined to the run they will be fine I'm sure, but if they free range and are eating plant matter, grubs, beetles, worms etc, then they will definitely need Mixed Poultry Grit to grind the food down. :lol:


It isn't expensive and if you leave a put out, they will help themselves.


The first time I put some out I was surprised at how much they wolfed down. :lol:


Now they just have the odd mouthful in passing.

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