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speckeldey egg colour confusion, help please

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I am finally getting my chooks at easter and had decided on a brown speckeldy as i read they lay very dark brown eggs and are a hybrid. Now after reading some more there seems to be more than one breed called speckeldy and not all lay dark eggs. Which specific hybrid breed do i ask for and where can i get them from please. Someone on the forum had a wonderful pic of a brown speckeldy but can't seem to find it. Thankyou, apologies in advance if its me just being thick. :?

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Hi, a Speckledy is a Rhode Island Red crossed with a Maran - I haven't heard of a brown one though - all the ones I've seen (including my own) are silver/grey/black 'speckled' or what's called cuckoo pattern.

Mine lays large reddy/brown eggs - they were darker last year,

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