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Rats question

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I saw a rat in the garden yesterday - do think I should close the elgu door overnight?


I have to say I've been closing the door all the time, but as the mornings are getting lighter earlier was hoping to leave the door open.


What wuold you do/ Can rats hurt chickens?



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a rat would certainly hurt a chicken if it had a chance.


Hubby doesnt think a rat would attempt to hurt a chicken whilst freeranging, but a dozing sleeping chicken maybe.


I would maybe take the food in at night if you are not already.


If there's one rat- unfortunately there's probably more. :roll:


Look into maybe getting rid of them somehow (bait/traps etc) i dont know whats best to advise as we havent had them here.

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Could a rat squeeze through the holes in the weldmesh? :shock:


I'm not sure. :?


I think if your Eglu is on slabs, then rats can't tunnel into the run, so I wouldn't bother closing the door, but if you think there is a chance that one could dig its way into the run, then it's probably best to shut the doors until you have got rid of the rats.


Bloomin' things. :evil:

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I can confirm that rats cannot get through the holes in the Eglu/Cube run. If you have light soil, however, they can dig a different tunnel in every night. (I imagine heavy soil would take them longer.)


I would shut the hens in at night and also bring the food in. Keep a close eye under the Eglu, because that is where they love to nest.


When we put the clocks forward, the hens will get up a little later, so having to let them out in the morning stays bearable until late April.


Get some rat poison down now so that the problem is solved by the summer. See if your local council will do it free of charge.

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If you have power nearby and a cover over your run, you could try a rodent alert. Works like a foxwatch by emitting sounds they don't like ......does cat impressions i think!......... they will keep floor of a house clear of vermin so should work fine in a run if kept water-free.


AAvailable at B&Q etc for about £17


Might be worth a try

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