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Real ale, anybody?

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You can't be - you're a *girl*!! :roll::wink:

:lol: I used to wear a Greene King "Abbott Ale, It's For Men" T shirt, with pride! Or was it irony? Or confusion? :lol:

Anyway, Linda, saw the topic title...it leapt out amongst loads of unread threads for some reason.

Greene King IPA still my favourite.

We used to go to a great pub in Cambridge...can't remember the name but they baked fresh bread for the ploughman's, as well as having excellent real ale.

I still have my CAMRA badge from 19**...doh, I'm not saying how old I am...or perhaps I joined very young.

I used to drink real ale, but wash my hair in leftover party beer (eg. Double Diamond 8) and Watney's Red Barrel :x ) Well, only once, it was a good way of pouring it down the drain.

St.Albans used to have the most pubs anywhere, I think. But another real ale one has closed recently :cry: My fault, not going so often now.

I like many different beers too...London Pride, Ruddles etc, The only one that I have found that I really don't like is Adnam's...lots of friends like it, but there's something about it I don't enjoy...a metallic aftertaste is the nearest I can describe.

Oooh, pubs are shut. :roll:

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Carl is a real ale fan - he brews his own.He uses a recipe based on Hook Norton Best Bitter - Hook Norton is our local brewery.


He made another full mash yesterday and it took me ages to clean all the stickiy splashes up before a house viewing today :roll:


I just cook with it - makes a great stew :D

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I love Real Ale but unfortunately it is the English stuff I like I find the Scottish equivalent too sweet so I don't get to drink it very often anymore :cry:


Probably not such a bad thing :lol:


There is nothing wrong with the Scottish stuff just not to my taste :wink:

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I'm pleased there are more and more younger people enjoying real ale. I have been a member of Camra for a number of years and of course we are lucky in Peterborough having the second largest Beer Festival in the country after the Great British Beer Festival in London. It's always a great event - I've done the occasional stint behind the bar, but am usually to be found on the other side sampling as much as I can! :shock: I always like to try something different! 8)

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