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I expect they are in bed by now, but tomorrow if they won't go into the Eglu, try shining a torch through the eggport. They will go towards the light, and then you can close the door and tuck them in. they will very soon be doing it on their own anyway - but they are babies still!


They look gorgeous.

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Lovely pics of your eglu and your girls. Welcome to you and your chooks. You will find loads of useful advice on this forum. Everyone makes you feel so welcome when you are new. :)


Are 2 of your girls Miss Pepperpots and the other a Gingernut Ranger? I miss my Pepperpot so much. She was such a lovely girl. :(

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What super chooks, lovely names and a splendid set up also :)


I love seeing new eglu photos - everything looks so neat and pristine! :D


Ditto. It won't stay looking like that for long!! :wink:


I love your girls. How wonderful they are all so different. I took me ages to tell mine apart without the other for reference! :lol::roll:

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