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Moving chickens in an eglu

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Evening all,


Just a quick ask.


The chickens, eglu and run are going to my parents for chicken sitting duty while we're on holiday. We were going to move them in the evening when they're sleeping to try and avoid stressing them out too much - it's a 20minute drive.


Is it best to move them in the eglu or take them out and put them in a separate box?


I'd appreciate any advice.


Many thanks,


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Good point! Also, catboxes can be strapped in place using the backseat seatbelts, whereas the eglu would be loose and might shift alarmingly!


A 20 minute drive is nothing, really - I have always had to go at least 30 miles to collect new chickens, and often further.

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Dear all,


Thank you so much for the comments...it's always good to be able to 'talk' through ideas with others in same boat!


hmmm, hadn't thought through re-attaching run...but anyway, have sourced cardboard box and will use that tonight!


Thanks again,


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