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Feather pulling

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I think have a feather puller in my midst :(


As you know, the new girls are segrated in the walk in run by using the eglu run. All 3 seem to be getting on fine, and the older girls don't seem to be giving them any bother, however when I got home on Tuesday night I found 2 of my (new) suffolk blacktail's tail feathers in the eglu run and last night I found four of my (new) amber's tail feathers in the eglu run. Everybody has a cabbage hanging up to keep them occupied but I am quite concerned. It is not something I experienced when I introduced the the middle 4 last year.


I'm presuming there is not a lot I can do but thought I would seek all your sound advice anyway

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Hmmmm. Might have to have a look at that myself - my chickens have looked sorry for themselves for ages cos they seem to keep pecking each others tails. Poor Snowdrop only has one pathetic tail feather left :cry: I have tried the purple spray and stockholm tar to little effect, taken them to the vets and still it happens. I am a bit worried that they are now setting on the newer ex batts - one of whom has a beautiful tail but is the lowest in the pecking order by miles. :?

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