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Laura & CTB

Independance Day!

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My son who's been away at uni since October has just rung to say that he and four mates have found a house to rent for the next two years.


The original plan was for him to come home after year one and commute the twenty minute car journey (yes I bought him a car) each day to save on the rent :roll:


Now I guess he's found his independence and there's no looking back! I am really chuffed for him - he sounded so excited on the phone but even so...................my little boy's leaving the nest :cry::cry:


* now! what colour to paint his room*

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Oooh you could have a lodger and save the extra money for a cube and more chickens :):wink:


Egluntine is right, they do keep coming back. Got rid of mine a few years

ago, now the eldest is back with g.friend and baby in tow :roll:




1. I'd also need enough rent to move house to get a garden big enough to add a cube


2. :shock::shock::shock: dont wanna think about that *shudders*

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and for lovely home cooked meals :wink:


Not from me he wont - I'm a terrible cook :oops:


Cooked a pork joint this week in honey and mustard, the pork was ok then the recipe said "add a little stock to the remains in the tin to make a sauce"


yeah right - all that was in the tin was a black tar like substance that took me half an hour and a stanley knife to get out :shock:

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