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Lonely chook

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I need some advice. My Ginger snap died over a month ago and I'm left with a 4 year old Pepperpot.


We thought that we wouldn't get another chook until this one died, otherwise when the Pepperpot died the replacement would be lonely too.


But, she is lonely and don't know how long Pepperpots last for and whether to get another bird around the same age as her or leave her alone????


Would Eglu have any 4 year olds?


Any advice would be appreciated



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Hmm, I can see your point, but it's not doing your remaining hen any good being left on her own, and your chances of finding another lone elderly hen might be quite small. I very much doubt Omlet would have any to sell (IIRC they get their stock in from other breeders, they don't breed them themselves).


Could you get two of a smaller breed? Pepperpots are pretty substantial birds, from what I've seen of friends' chickens, but not all "large fowl" are that big. Araucanas and non-bantam silkies are both smaller than hybrids, or you could try a couple of large bantams, such as Wyandottes. That way the others wouldn't be lonely when your Pepperpot dies.

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If you are getting more, I would definitely advise getting 2, so that you don't find yourself in the same predicament in a couple of years time.


Some hybrids can last up to 8 years, so she may be around for a while yet.


Don't leave her on her own for too long, if you can avoid it, she will be very lonely.



Can you find a local breeder with some warrens or Speckledy's? They would make lovely companions for your girl.


Size didn't seem to be an issue, from what you say in your post, and there has been a recent debate on the forum , generally advising against mixing hybrids and bantams.


Good luck.

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Getting 2 more is an ideal solution.


2 chickens are a pair and any more than 2 then you have a flock and a pecking order. Once getting 2 more friends for your lonely chook you will notice a tremendous difference in her....we did the same last year when we had a lone chook. By getting more she instantly became "top chook" :D and her personality definitely perked up and she was very active.

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As long as they can free range from time to time three hybrids will be fine in a standard Eglu and run. I have two friend, one with a Mark 1 and one with a Mark 2 whose hens, black rocks (Pepperpots by another name) and an assortment of others, are perfectly happy.


If they don't get to free range, I agree it might require re-thinking.


I still wouldn't risk mixing bantams with hybrid in an Eglu and run.

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Thanks Everyone for your advice


We made some calls and went to a farm that breed for commercial produce , as there are no rescue centres nearby and we thought we'd rescue them before they had a nightmare life.


We got 2 barn reared hens, who are very docile. Took them home. they have never been outside, you name it they haven't done it. And our Pepperpot has perked up and shown she's in charge. They are tightly snuggled up next to her, in the roost at the moment, wanting comfort. With a mass of space behind them, she's going to be warm tonight.


Lets hope all turns out well


Love, Laughter, Light and Blessings



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