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Sonic Scrubber

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Is it battery operated? If so, does it take rechargeable batteries?


I have vowed not to buy anything new that does not take rechargeable batteries, and this looks just the job for cleaning my bathroom tiles.




From the Website: **here**


The SonicScrubber uses four (4) AA batteries. You can use either standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries. To replace the batteries, remove the battery cap at the base of the handle by squeezing both dots on opposite sides just above battery cap and pulling cap off. Insert new batteries (replace all four), noting battery direction in small picture affixed inside top of battery compartment (one side positive end up; other side positive end down). Reattach battery cap by lining up dot on cap with dot on base and pushing cap on until it snaps in place.


No excuse for not having one now! :lol:

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