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way of magically holding rugs in place???

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We have a rug in our lounge and a runner in the hall which drive me crazy, has anyone discovered a foolproof way to keep them in place? They are on carpet.


This seems like such a trivial question with some of the problems on here at the moment but I have been meaning to ask for ages, you are are all so knowledgeable.

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Ikea do a sort of felty fabric, which you put under a rug.


However there's also something which I thought Lakeland sold - just searched there and I can't find it. It's a sort of wide mesh made of a slightly rubbery fabric, and it stops things slipping. My late father suffered from Parkinson's disease, and with this on a tray he could make a cup of tea and carry it from the kitchen without it sliding around. As I recall, it worked very well under rugs as well and the advantage is that it isn't sticky so you can remove and reposition it easily. I'd be worried that double-sided tape would leave permanent marks.

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You might find the rubbery mesh stuff in a hardware or diy store as it is also used to hold wood to stop it slipping if it can't be clamped when routing.


House of Bath do cats claws:

http://houseofbathuk.drct2u.com/productcache/HOB/BO6616/BF209KJ.html.gz but they don't look as if they'd be enough for anything bigger than a bath mat unless you used more than one pack.

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